Roughly 40% of all e-mail traffic
in the U.S. is spam, up from 8%
in late 2001 and nearly doubling
in the past six months

- Brightmail, Inc.
anti-spam software vendor

Spamshield is teeone.netís fully managed email protection service, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email before it reaches a userís network. It is a powerful and flexible service that enables organizations of any size to manage email communications with the same level of control and protection as the Fortune 500.

Inbound and Outbound Email Protection
The Spamshield filtering system is continually revised 2,000-4,000 times per day to ensure protection from even the newest Spammer tricks and tactics. It works on multiple platforms and utilizes proprietary detection sytems, 4 virus scanning engines, more than 60 filtering techniques, and front-wave protection to rid inbound and outbound email from spam, worms, viruses and all other protocol based vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery
Any time there is a failure with email: Internet connection failures, power outages, natural disaster, Local Area Network failures, internal routing problems, hardware or software failures, Spamshieldís delivery manager will encrypt and queue email until the client server is back online.

Perimeter Protection
Spamshield acts as an organization's gated "front door," shielding Internet facing SMTP gateways and message servers from numerous threats so that only legitimate e-mail is delivered to userís inboxes.

Complete implementation of the teeone.net Spamshield system can be acheived in just one day. As an ASP solution, there is no hardware or software required. Successful implementation is as simple as changing MX records within your DNS for each domain that requires filtering services.

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