Fast and easy way to deliver applications
At teeone net inc, application deployment is quick and easy while maintaining a highly optimized network. Application patches and hotfixes are applied in a timely manner so you are always using the most secure version. You can start using your applications almost immediately and start realizing the benefits. Adding new users is a phone call away, which means new employees can be productive from the moment they start. Best of all, users can access applications from anywhere, at anytime on any Internet-connected device.

IT Service Levels
Because of our world-class IT people, you are able to access applications with the reliability of the best run internal IT departments. We continually fine-tune our networks to keep them running at the highest optimized level. Have peace of mind knowing that your information and data is secure and backed-up daily.

Reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Delivery of applications through an ASP usually reduces an organization's total IT investment compared to traditional networking environments. An ASP can eliminate the up-front capital investment in hardware, reduce the need for highly skilled IT personnel and reduce the need for costly hardware and software upgrades.

Technical Expertise
teeone net inc can attract and hire the best IT personnel available. We can offer expertise in out-sourcing, server-based computing, network integration, system performance and optimization, Internet technologies and custom application development.

Because everything is hosted in our world-class data center, teeone net inc is able to offer the best in security procedures. These measures include data encrypted transmission, firewall protection and internal video surveillance.

Disaster Preparedness
teeone net inc goes to great lengths to preserve the stability and integrity of its systems. This includes the use of redundant servers, backup power generators, air conditioning and fire prevention systems. teeone net inc also takes measures to maintain the integrity of our client's data through scheduled data backups with off-site storage.

Network on the GO!
Your applications are available anytime, from anywhere on any Internet-connected device. Critical user data is never far way due to the design of the teeone net inc network. Remote access to the network is built in and reduces the need for expensive interconnected corporate networks.

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