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Expanded Show Schedule

Teeone is on the move in 2011!

Already this year, teeone has participated as a vendor in two industry-focused trade shows with more shows upcoming on the schedule.

In January, we joined with hundreds of restoration professionals at the DKI (Disaster Kleenup International) Convention in San Diego, CA.

In May we returned to San Diego to take part in the Crawford Contractor Connection Convention. There to greet us were a number of familiar faces, as well as a lot new friends eager to learn more about teeone.

At every event we’ve become known as the guys who toss out the yellow “NO stress” balls. It’s amazing what an effect these little yellow stress balls have on almost everyone. They’re just the right size for your hand and the texture is unlike any other stress toy we’ve tried. The result is, almost everyone instantly smiles when they catch the ball tossed from our booth. And almost everyone comes over (all the while squeezing the stress ball and smiling) to ask, “What do you guys do?”

That is the whole point of being at these events in the first place – to let Restoration Professionals know about teeone.net and how we can be their strong IT partner, taking over the management of their data, server applications, file backups and restores and of course — application upgrades. Suddenly, a whole new level of smiles start to show up when we explain that teeone can manage their technology while they manage their business!

If you’d like to meet us at our next event — to get your own teeone “No stress” ball — or to talk about how teeone can support your technology while YOU do business, call today and we’ll make plans.  

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