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Teeone has been in need of a change.

The expansion of personnel, additional equipment and development of new services have all conspired together and created cramped condition in our offices.

We’ve been in search of a new, larger space that would be more conducive to our daily needs — customized to fit us. We think we finally found one.

It's Time! October is Here and…
We're Moving!

Fresh paint, new carpet and new neighbors! It’s going to be an adventure and we’re excited to share it with you. For now, take a look , this is our new location in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s not far from our current offices, but in terms of improving our workspace — it’s miles ahead.


About all that remains is for us to move desks, chairs, computers, printers and other equipment from one set of offices to another. The new offices include some real improvements for teeone: a break room and a closet for supplies. Depending upon how our future growth progresses, there is room for expansion as well.

The servers that our clients rely upon are staying put. Only the administrative offices are relocating, so, just in case you’re wondering or concerned about how teeone will manage our relocation and the day-to-day responsibilities to our clients — We’re anticipating zero downtime for all our clients during the move. 


The new offices will afford teeone some modest “elbow-room.” We also gain a bit of in-house storage, an issue that has congested operations in our current location. We are anticipating that the change will be refreshing, reinvigorating and the next step in our evolution as a company.

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