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Website Construction

Teeone has made a name as an Application Service Provider — simultaneously making applications and data more secure and available for its clients.

Lately however, teeone is expanding its reputation as a website host. “We’ve met a number of folks who fall into one of three categories with their websites,” says co-owner of teeone, Kyle Tripp. “The first group have a website, built by someone who took their money and is now no longer responsive to their requests for updates and changes. The next group built a website on their own, often using one of the free utility sites that are available. They quickly discovered there’s a lot more to creating an appealing, functional website than they first thought. They want or need a site that will do more than they’re personally able to achieve. And lastly, there are still the folks who know they need a site, but haven’t made the leap yet.”

Teeone meets clients at whatever level they’re currently working and improves their web identity by unsnarling, enhancing and building from scratch. In some cases, it’s un-doing poor work from a previous consultant, other times it’s taking the site that is already there and improving the functionality or the overall “look and feel.” Whatever the need, teeone’s commitment to the client means we’ll be here to maintain and upgrade the site again, when the need presents itself and client is ready to move forward again.

Tripp continues with “We believe that website work should be a client-centric process, that’s why we include the client at every step of site production. Usually starting with the questions, ‘What do you want to accomplish with your site?’ From there, my team can begin to carve out a space on the Web that best represents the client, fulfills their needs and opens a new channel for interaction with their clients.”

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